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A list of upcoming projects we're currently working on. Check back for status updates and feel free to send us a comment about an addition you'd like to see.

status: In Development

Apples & Pencils

Homeschool management.
Track student assignments, curriculum, and subjects. Plan out the school year and create courses of study. Generate report cards.

status: In Planning


Full-featured RPG campaign management that supports multiple RPG game systems.
Allows the game master to record campaign events, create a custom calendar for their campaign world, store and print character sheets, and design monsters and other nasties!

status: In Planning


An RV trip planner for iOS.
Allows you to create lists for packing and preparation, with reminders for things that need to be done before the trip.

status: In Planning

What a Dish!

Recipe database and kitchen inventory management.
Store your favorite recipes. Adjust a recipe's serving size to make larger or smaller meals. Track kitchen inventory so you know when you're running low on ingredients, and generate a grocery list.