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RPG Encounter Tracker

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Create "prepared" encounters for later use, and then run them any number of times with the click of a button.

iPlay4e and DDI Support
Import character data from iPlay4e or DDI Character Builder or Monster Builder files.

External screen support
Display your map on an external screen, such as a big screen TV or projector so that your players can see it too!

Drop-in groups
Create pre-made groups, and use them in your encounter. They can be dropped into any encounter on the fly.

Set the color and marker text, or a custom image, for each participant in the encounter, so you can quickly find them on the map.

Multiple game systems
Supports a variety of RPGs through a plugin system that allows new systems to be added. Currently supported are Dungeons and Dragons™ (3rd and 4th editions) and Pathfinder™.

Flexible condition tracking
Supported game systems provide an array of pre-fab conditions that can be applied to participants or regions. You can also create a library of custom conditions that can be re-used wherever and whenever you like.

Integrated mapping
Each encounter can display a map that allows you to track positioning of participants, especially in relation to regions, so you can tell if someone is standing too close to a fire, or is subject to an aura or other environmental effect.

Keeps track of the length of the encounter, and allows you to see the longest, shortest, and average turn length.

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